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White Stage wip

It was kinda delayed for a while, but we finally got some wip shots.


This is the “White Stage” in project SwordPlay. This stage doubles as a tutorial/training stage, and a challenge stage.


The ground is built out of blocks. The blocks pop up creating pillars and walls. You can be pretty much simulate any condition that you will get in other stage.

daft01-1 draft01-2 draft01-3

Teer-sa’s wip 3D

We decided that, to save time, we were going to start with Teer-sa & Mi combo form, instead of Fii-na.


Luu-ka and Fii-na both share the same body structure, so we can save time and create animation for both of them using Luu-ka’s model.


Teer-sa on the other hand is unique. Making her now will save us a lot of time later.

Teer-sa wip