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Weapon trail effect – first draft

So I quickly scripted a rough trail effect in javascript.

It simply takes the mesh from the MeshFilter component, and create an X amount of faces (set through inspector). The first 2 vertices will follow the weapon (through 2 points attached to top and bottom of the weapon), and start dragging the next 2 vertices if they exceed a limit (also set in inspector).

Not a bad attempt, but I can already tell its going to cause problems later. Will redo the script.


No more trail

Wasted so much time trying to work around Unity’s trail render component to create a simple weapon swing trail. This was not meant for close range view or to create trail for long and thin objects.

Decided to script my own weapon trail. Just going manually create a mesh for the mesh-filter component, and fix its points, UVs and Tris to work with movement.

Switching to Unity 5, finally

I think we held on to Unity 4 long enough. Just finished upgrading the project to the new Unity .


Tested everything. Script, scene, models and animation. Everything seems to be in order. Even tested some of the “pro” features. More for the project.


We plan to take advantage of the Web player in showcasing the demo.


Lookingforward to it.