What is SwordPlay

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In a world where “energy” constantly and violently shifts the planet, rendering any means of harnessing and controlling it absolute, everyone looks to the “Masters”, a rare bread of martial-artists who mastered channeling all energy and its countless forms.We follow the story of 3 disciples in their journey and adventure to achieving the tile of true “Masters”.


Project SwordPlay:

Project SwordPlay is 3D free-roam, fast and intense melee fighting game. Each character is able to attack from every possible direction, with a full range of maneuvers and attacks that can flip the outcome of any battle in an instant. There are countless elements that effect every action you can do, including both your opponent’s state and yours, and even the battle filed itself.

The game was NOT design to be “EASY”. There is no “HP”. Everything you know about fighting games will only get you killed. Leave behind every tactics and knowledge if you want to survive.

The game blends strategy and reflex in ways that will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. Plan ahead, trust your instinct, defeat your foes.

Currently The Alpha will only support a 1-vs-1 multiplayer mode, using local, direct and global matches.


In the world of SwordPlay, and since the beginning of time, the planet has been constantly shifting its form to achieve it’s “balance”. This causes the world to violently transforms, causing natural disasters that can create and destroys continents. All of this with disregard to its people and it’s lands and countries.The many countries have tired all means of power and energy control, from Ancient to Advance Technologies, and from Natural to Magical Arts. But all that is only connected to that one type of energy that flowed in that life time. When the energy shift, everything becomes absolute, and everyone will have to start fresh and new.

The only element that was always able to control any type of energy and all of its forms is the “Human Body”. Those who were blessed with the patient and dedication to learn the secrets of channeling energy are those who deserve the title “Master”.

Many martial-art schools have been raised on this concept alone. The most famous of them is the “Broken Ring” Martial Art School.

The story takes us on a journey to follow three Broken Ring disciples in their quest to earn their place among the true “Masters” of the Broken Ring School.


Lets take a look at out heroes

Luu-ka (Lu) O-Jima: Description coming.

Fii-na (Fi) O-Jima: Description coming.

Teer-sa (Re-sa) & Mi: Description coming.

The game is currently built with the Unity engine. The game is 93% away from its first playable Alpha. The game will be playable in Unity’s Web Player in its Alpha and Beta stages, with a planned full PC release.

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